Hi Friends,

Tom Banks has been selected along with a handful of other riders from around the globe to compete in the 2018 MOTORCYCLE CANNONBALL ENDURANCE RUN. The Cannonball, as which it is known, is a 3,650-mile cross country trek by motorcycle riders on vintage cycles built in 1929 or earlier. The endurance part comes into play when the rider is required to travel a minimum of 250 miles per day on a bike design to hop around town and not go faster then 45 MPH.

Being of the entrepreneurial mindset, Tom came up with the idea to turn this trip into an opportunity to raise money for charity. He is asking a few select friends and business owners for donations, not for himself or this trip, but for a donation to one of his favorite charities, St. Bernadette Catholic School, The Mario Lemieux Foundation, and The Caileigh Lynn McDowell Foundation. Tom’s trip is being sponsored by Banks Gas Services and Banks Brothers Motorcycles.

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From Portland to Portland:

The race begins September 6th, 2018 in Portland, Maine and will end September 23rd, 2018 in Portland, Oregon.

The Bike:


Stats and Facts:

  • 74 CI Motor with a battery
  • Color: Olive Green, one of the colors the military used.
  • 1921 was the first year for the JD and the first year that Harley used a full front fender.