The Banks Engine Lift Employs Cutting Edge Technology


Anyone who has ever rebuilt or replaced a Harley Davidson engine knows the issues and back breaking work involved. If you search on line for help, you’ll find a series of troublesome techniques that, at best, seem overly complicated.

George Banks developed the Banks Lift™ out of necessity for the brothers and anyone who has ever worked on a Harley engine. The Banks Lift:

  • Lifft (crane) to remove Harley-Davidson EngineIs a hydraulic lift designed to simplify removal of the engine and improve safety both for the mechanic and the bike frame.
  • Allows for easy transport to a work bench without damaging the engine, frame, or your back!
  • Designed by George Banks, top graduate of MMI in Florida (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute).
  • Brought into production by Tom Banks, owner of a formidable collection of Harley Davidson classics.
  • Already in use at Banks Brothers Motorcycle Museum

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To learn more, watch our demonstration video at the top of this page showing the Banks Lift™ being

used to remove the engine of a 1936 Harley Davidson Knucklehead.

Maneuvering Harley Engines Made Easy with the Banks Lift

Remove Harley Engine

While removing the engine from a ’52 Harley Pan Head, Tom Banks hurt his back. His brother George immediately began working on a lift. In addition to removing the threat of back injury to mechanics and Harley enthusiasts, the lift ensures no injury to the bike body or engine, and a smooth transition to the work surface.

The Banks Lift™ is a safe, affordable, viable option for removing a Harley Davidson engine when replacing or rebuilding.

Whether you’re a motorcycle mechanic or a do-it-yourself Harley enthusiast, isn’t it time you ordered a Banks Lift?

  • The lift’s hydraulic system makes the engine easy to move from frame-to-workbench, and gives the option of moving the engine slowly and safely.
  • All wheels on the Banks Lift™ pivot, and the lift stops within a 32nd of an inc
  • h, enabling you to finesse it into place, whether taking the engine out or putting it back in.
  • Replacing the engine is a reverse process, and just as simple as removing it.
  • There’s finally an affordable and reliable way to pull out your Harley Davidson’s engine without, in turn, pulling out your back.