Banks Brothers Engine Lift

Perhaps you are a Harley enthusiast and you love working on your bike, or maybe you are a certified Harley Davidson mechanic and working on Harleys is your living. Either way, you have probably already learned the hard way that rebuilding or replacing a Harley Davidson motor is a tricky project.

Specifically designed for use with the world’s most venerable motorcycle lineage, the Banks Brothers Engine Lift makes maneuvering Harley Davidson engines safe and easy.

  • Height adjustable lift connects
  • Rubber connect points to keep the engine safe
  • Four pivotal wheels
  • The ability to maneuver in slow motion

To learn more about the first professionally designed engine lift for use on Harley Davidson motorcycles, visit our Contact Us page.

Working on another brand of cycle? Check back often. We’re working to expand our lift technology to other models.

Virtual Motorcycle Museum

We know and love motorcycles at Banks Brothers. We are not engineering outsiders with a new half-baked idea that could put your beloved bike at risk. We own a formidable collection of classic Harleys and a few original Indians, America’s first great motorcycle.

Tour our Virtual Motorcycle Museum and see our classic bikes.

Once you experience our collection for yourself, you will understand our love of classic bikes.

Our bikes are a part of our family, just as yours are for you. We would never put a single motorcycle or mechanic at the slightest risk of injury, and we feel the same way about you and your Harley.

That is why we designed our engine lift, and want to share it with you.

Visit our About Us page to learn more about our background and passion for Harley Davidson Motorcycles, or visit our Contact Us page with any questions.