Stats and Facts:

  • 96 CI Twin Cam Motor – but this is a super lightweight bike for as much power as it packs!
  • Very little on this bike is original other than the motor and tranny. The pipes are Vance and Hines customs, the sheet metal is all Milwaukee Iron and it has a sweet set of V-twin tanks. There are spinners on the front rim and an insanely cool custom shotgun chain-guard!
  • The paint job on this bike is a custom deal from our friend Plugger. Each ghost on the bike represents a lost friend or family member close to Tom, including his father. Each ghost has something which represents them as they were in life – his father has an Indian logo, Big Bob’s ghost has an Irish shamrock. The license plate reads LOSTM (and no, we’re not talking about law enforcement).
  • This is one of Tom’s favorite bikes because of the intense sentimental value it holds.