Stats and Facts:

  • 74 CI Motor with a battery
  • Color: Olive Green, one of the colors the military used.
  • 1921 was the first year for the JD and the first year that Harley used a full front fender.

This bike has a somber yet interesting backstory. We bought it in Vegas, but afterwards we found out that its first 85 years were spent in southeast Ohio. The original owner bought it new, then immediately dismantled it and left it in his basement. One of the original owner’s friends begged him to buy the bike for years to no avail. Then one day, out of the blue, the original owner walked into his friends shop and said the JD was waiting in the back of his truck. The friend asked how much, to which the original owner replied, “Nothin’. The bike’s yours, I have cancer.” The second owner restored the bike and set it in his storefront window as a display piece. The third owner watched this bike for a couple of years until the second owner finally decided to sell it. Upon obtaining the bike, however, owner 3’s father passed away and he lost his zeal for collecting – that’s when the bike finally passed (nearly unridden) into the Banks Brothers’ hands.